Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the Road Again

We hit the road last week for some concerts in Maryland. Friday night in Silver Spring was great - a big, enthusiastic audience. Saturday we had a bit of weather when we played in Grantsville. There was fog at 3:00 in the afternoon when we drove over the mountain from Frostburg, which is the big town in the area. Very few folks came over from Frostburg because of the fog and the threat of snow but we had a good concert and raised some money for the Friends of New Germany Lake.

As you can see, the threat of snow was not an idle one!

We had a house concert in Baltimore. This is the 8th or 9th time we have been hosted by our friend, Wendy.

The Long Road Home

We had planned on picking up the new CD on our way home. We left Baltimore 9:30am and boomed 'er up to Salem, NH. We got there about 5:15 and got the CDs. After stopping for dinner with our friend Clair, in Dover, we rolled up I-95 and got home before 11:00pm. During the drive home the old faithful Subaru rolled over 320,000 miles.

The new CD is available through our web site. It will be a few days before you can get it through CDbaby

Back to Work

The sheetrock is up in the studio and spackling is underway. With any luck we'll be painting sometime next week. The next step will be to do some sonic treatment to the space. I'm looking forward to working in an acoustically designed space. I found an internet forum hosted by some heavyweight Australian studio designers. There's a bit of a language barrier - and I'm still in Imperial measurement rather than metric - but there is a wealth of information.