Friday, December 5, 2008

Larry Pro Musica

We took a trip down to Manchester, Mass, last week to record Larry Young for our new CD. He is adding some fiddle tracks that are really exciting. We were lucky to catch him before he heads out to North Carolina for aChristmas tour with the Beggar Boys.

I have featured one of the tracks with Larry's work from the new CD as a pre-release download on our newsletter.

I take our old Roland VS-880 for these remote sessions. It is so old that I can't archive from it, or restore any archived tracks. It has to be connected to a CD burner with a SCSI cable (remember those?). Since I have to load all the remote tracks onto the studio rig through the analog side I recorded Larry at 48k sample rate to boost the quality of the recording.

Housing Report

Back in Round Pond the new addition is coming along. Of course I waited until it got really cold to make the project more challenging. Here are a couple of pictures. The first is mid-November. The footing is done, much of the sand has been moved two or three times.

The second picture is December 6. The floor insulation is down, the form is done, rebar installed, and I'm running the first loop of heating tubes. The snow is festive, but a nuisance. It was about 35° and wet. Of course, the next day it dropped to 10° and all that snow turned to ice. I worked at reinforcing the form and chipped ice. Rainy weather is predicted, so the concrete has been rescheduled for Friday. I elected to wait on the second loop for a warmer day.

Jud Caswell

Jud was the featured performer at a local open mic last Friday night. He is such an amazing performer and songwriter he deserves to be better known. Most all the top songwriters in the country know Jud but the public is lagging behind. If you get a chance to hear him perform DO IT! Here is a link to a video of Jud at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival doing one of his songs. It will take you back to the summer. There are a bunch of other videos of Jud up there and check his web site for his schedule.

Holiday Concerts

On Saturday we did a show for the Knox Mansion in Thomaston. The duds are a pretty good match for the room. We have a couple of more concerts before Christmas, but I think we'll be in our native garb (L.L. Bean shirt, jeans, long underware, sweater, etc.)

We used the baroque guitar on a short version of Drive the Cold Winter Away - would that we could!

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