Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're still here - read on!

It's been a while since the last post. After the service meltdown a lot of friends opted out - who can blame them?

Signs of the Times

Here is a headline that caught my eye...

Make of it what you will.

Speaking of signs... this is what we have to contend with here in the midcoast- Gordon Bok worship!

Flower Report

The daylillies have peaked after three or four weeks of blooming. Julia has planted somewhere between 60 and 80 varieties of all colors (except blue) sizes, and habits. Every day is another flower parade.

House Report

There was FINALLY a break in the weather and I reshingled the roof on the old house. Its about 17 feet to the eaves and a 12/12 pitch, so it was pretty exciting. This kind of work isn't as much fun as it was a few years ago.

New Recording!
The new addition has been on hold for a few weeks while we finished up another thanksgiving CD. Going Home - Thanksgiving Music for Celtic Harp is already available for download at Amazon. We'll have physical CDs in about a week, if you want to wait and get them from us. These are all new recordings of some old favorite melodies. Some of the selections:Old Folks at Home, O'Rourke's Feast, Over the River and Through the Woods , Appalachian Holiday, and the title track. (Click on any title for a sample)

Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival
This weekend we were part of the Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival. We built a Harpsigourd using a few spare parts I had kicking around the house: a drum head, some harp strings and piano tuning pins, a few bits of wood and some sheetrock screws. We mounted it on a 300 pound pumpkin.

Julia played it on the street all day Saturday. We tried to take a video but we were defeated by our phone and camera. It only has 18 strings, so she couldn't do a lot of the tunes she usually plays. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get something to post.

Tomorrow is the giant pumpkin regatta when they take the 700-900 pound pumpkins, convert them to boats and putt around in the river.

At some point they are planning to drop a 500 pound pumpkin onto a police car. I emailed Arlo about this: I thought he should know.

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