Thursday, February 5, 2009

Progress report

The House Report
In spite of the cold the house project pushes on. It has been -5° to 5° every morning for the last month. This morning it is -10°. As the song says "I maun gae oot, tho' weel I ken ootside it's minus twenty-yin" (from Gloomy Winter's No Awa' by Fred Gosbee and Holly Morrison, with apologies to Tannehill).

We have had help from a few relatives and friends as well as a couple of weeks from Zachary Davis, who is not only a fine craftsman but also a fiddle, banjo, and mandolin player.

The roof panels are on, the walls are covered. My goal is to be ready to do roofing this weekend when the weather promises to be warmer - like 25°.

The Music Report

The Burns CD is done! There wasn't going to be time to manufacture the packaging before Burns birthday, so we had 100 CDs made and did the packaging ourselves. Hand crafted!

This first run of 100 is numbered and signed. I will be shipping some off to CDbaby this week. It usually takes a couple of weeks for them to become available and up to three months for the download services to kick in. In the meantime they can be ordered from us. Best to email after mid-February.

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