Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adventures in Scotland - Thursday & Friday

My Escher photo - look for the second arched bridge under the arch of the first bridge) 

Lunch in the Vauxhall. The vacuum flask saved us about £6 in tea!
The "Telescope Stone" on the way to Huntly

On to Skye

We headed out for Skye in the morning, were detoured by a road accident and drove over the bridge to Skye about one o'clock. We stopped in Lower Breakish to see if our friend, Seanichan McLeod, was home. He wasn't, so we left a note that we would try later and headed up the East coast of the island. Before we did, though, we looked at his garden and found these mystery flowers, very similar to the flowers we found last year in Norway that nobody could identify.

Portree is as attractive as ever...

The Old Man of Stoor is still standing proud....

The Kilted Cliffs are as spectacular as ever....

And the Cuillen look as forbidding as the Mountains of Mordor!

This photo is identical to one we took in 1993...

However Health & Safety have been there since our first visit and added several safety fences and I couldn't sit in the window as I did back then.

We stopped at the Highland Folklife Museum (look at the size of that spade!)

The light on Skye is magical!

Seannichan was home when we came back through Lower Breakish. We stopped for a chat and a cup of tea and ended up staying way too late. He is keeping bees now, so he and Regina had a lot to discuss concerning apiary matters. Seanichan's wife is a basket weaver and herbalist so there was plenty to discuss there as well!

After a LONG drive we got back to Avimore about 1:00am.  Lights out, everyone.


Blogger MaineCelt said...

The flowers in question are Pasqueflowers (Pulsatilla vulgaris). Purple is the most common colour, but they also come in wine-red, pink, white, and--I think--butter yellow. They grow well in Maine--mine are blooming just noo!

May 4, 2012 at 5:40 AM  

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