Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Avian Rescue

We have a wild cherry tree next to the new addition which is currently in full bloom. It attracts all sorts of insects and birds. Today a female ruby-throated hummingbird took a shortcut through the room: in the door and was then trapped by the windows. She buzzed the windows and the ridgepole for a couple of hours. I tried to entice her to the door with some lilac blooms, but she wouldn't come down. Finally she was tired out enough that I was able to catch her on the paladium windowsill. (It wasn't as high as the ridgepole, but I still needed a ladder)

I took her outside and in a couple of minutes she zoomed off, none the worse for the wear.

I did hear her vocalizing, so it isn't true that these birds hum because they can't sing. She had a wee bit chirp and when I captured her a long note.



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